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Aomori Christian Center

2024 TCK Summer Bible Camp

This summer camp program is intended for third culture kids (TCKs) and the primary language for teaching and activities is English. We aim to provide discipleship and social engagement specific to the TCK experience that is not readily available elsewhere.

2024 TCK Summer Bible Camp
2024 TCK Summer Bible Camp


2024年7月24日 16:00 – 2024年7月26日 13:30

Aomori Christian Center, Japan, 〒030-0133 Aomori, Moya, Nashinoki−60−1



Registration Deadline: July 1

(To register after the July 1 deadline, please contact us directly at

Registration begins at 4pm, Wednesday, July 24 and the official program will conclude with lunch on Friday, July 26.

Meals included in the camp program are Wednesday: Dinner; Thursday: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Friday: Breakfast, Lunch

(for a total of B x 2; L x 2; D x 2)

If  you are encountering scheduling and logistical difficulties in relation  to camp attendance, please feel free to contact us about the  possibility of staying additional nights and/or eating additional meals  at ACC.

Camp Fees:

Teens  ¥12,000

(Sibling Discount 2nd Sibling:¥10,000 3rd sibling ~ :¥8,000)

Under 12     ¥8,000

(Sibling Discount 2nd Sibling:¥6,000 3rd sibling ~ :¥4,000)

Parent/Guardian ¥6,000 (Please consult us about availability of accommodation)

What to Bring:

Bible・writing  materials・extra clothing (including long sleaves and  trousers)・swimwear・bath towel・soap &  shampoo・toiletries(toothbrush・toothpaste etc)・flashlight (electric  torch)・sleeping bag (or bed sheets)・bug spray etc

A Note About the Venue:

The  Aomori Christian Center (ACC) was founded in 1956 and moved to its  current location in 1967. After being shut down by the city in 2014 for not meeting building and fire codes, ACC reopened on a reduced scale in 2016 and is currently in the midst of a major rebuilding project. Although the new multi-purpose refectory, Carmel Hall, has been in use since July 2023, our facilities are still extremely limited. Accommodation will include tents and hammocks, and bathing opportunities will be limited. (The good news is, we are proceeding with the construction of a new 40 bunk dormitory which we pray will be completed some time in 2025.)


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